N5 Kanji

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In total, you will need to know about 102 kanjis to get a top score in JLPT N5 . The following list will help you easily remember the required kanjis.

Learn N5 Kanji

The list includes Kanjis and its meaning in English. Click on the kanji that you want to learn and get the detailed explanation. Each kanji has been explained in detail with stoke order(書き順), reading (読み方), combined-words(熟語) and examples to memorize the kanjis easily.

Revise N5 Kanji (meaning)

As the saying goes – “Practice makes a man perfect”, the only way to recall the learnt kanji is to revise them regularly. With regular repetition, one can master kanji easily. 

This section will help you revise the kanji learnt in the above section and its meanings. Try to recall the kanji meanings in the table below and hover over them if you find it difficult to recall.

Example– meaning of 日 is Day 

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