The following page will guide you to getting started with JLPT N5. 

N5 guidelines

JLPT N5 Guidelines Course Content Introduction   N5 is the base level exam in the JLPT ladder. The syllabus of this exam is equal to a 1st-grade Japanese student (6-year-old). Though it looks very simple, N5 requires about 500 to 600 hours of committed learning and practice. Not to worry, 

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For any level of JLPT exam, preparation of 3 main categories that is vocabulary, grammar, Kanji is essential. Following sections will guide you through each category in detail.

N5 Kanji

N5 Kanji Course Content Introduction In total, you will need to know about 102 kanjis to get a top score in JLPT N5 . The following list will help you easily remember the required kanjis. Table of Contents Learn N5 Kanji The list includes Kanjis and its meaning in English.

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N5 Grammar

N5 Grammar Course Content Introduction There are about 55 grammar patterns in JPT N5 which includes few particles, verbs and its conjugations, adjectives, adverbs and simple sentence structures. Here is a list of grammar patterns likely to be encountered during the JLPT N5 exam. Though there is no official JLPT

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N5 Vocabulary

N5 Vocabulary Course Content Introduction You will need to know a vocabulary of about 800 words to pass the JLPT N5 with flying colours. The following list will help you easily remember the required N5 Vocabulary. The list includes lessons for the most common, and important words arranged in different

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Already mastered with Kanji, Grammar and Vocabulary? Next step would be to test your skills and prepare for the actual exam. As explained in N5 guidelines, JLPT N5 exam will be for 105min with 3 major sections. The following page will prepare you for the exam by testing your skills. Remember repeatition is the key and you have ample test  to prepare.

N5 Test

JLPT N5 Test & Quiz Course Content Introduction Here is a collection of practice tests for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) level N5 . Similar to the official JLPT exam, each test here is designed as multiple choice questions. Test   Description JLPT  practice test  These test are  similar to

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Check out our recommended books and tools that can help you smoothen your learning process.


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