Japanese Beginner

As a new language learner, you must be anxious about where to start? Or how to start? So let us walk you through the initial step. The following page will guide you with getting started.

Get started

Get Started Course Content Tips and Tricks Hiragana Cheat sheet Katakna Cheat sheet Revise both scripts Hiragana Reading Practice Katakana Reading Practice Hiragana Test Part 1 (46 Letters) Part 2 (61 Letters) All Hiragana (107 Letters) Katakana Test Part 1 (46 Letters) Part 2 (61 Letters) All Katakana (107 Letters)

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As a Japanese beginner, if you want to start right away with learning the fundamental Japanese scripts following pages will help you. Each page has a detailed explanation about the script and a few tests and quizzes that will help you in memorizing them easily.

Already mastered the Japanese script? Next step would be to build the fundamentals. JLPT is a language proficiency exam which will help you master the language slowly and steadily. Start with the base level JLPT N5. The following  page will guide you getting started with JLPT N5 and there by you can start your journey on mastering this language.

N5 guidelines

JLPT N5 Guidelines Course Content Introduction   N5 is the base level exam in the JLPT ladder. The syllabus of this exam is equal to a 1st-grade Japanese student (6-year-old). Though it looks very simple, N5 requires about 500 to 600 hours of committed learning and practice. Not to worry, 

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Check out our recommended books and tools that can help you smoothen your learning process.