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The Japanese language uses 3 writing systems:
Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

In Japanese, broadly three scripts are used in a mixed way.

Hiragana and Kanji are used widely in a sentence. Katakana is mainly used for borrowerd words from foreign language.

For example,

ラジオ日本をきいた。(I heard a Japanese song on radio)

In the above sentence all the three scripts are used as follows:

Hiragana: で, の, を, きいた
Katakana: ラジオ
Kanji: 日本, 歌

The Goal of this Session

  • Master Hiragana alphabets within 3~20 days.
  • To be able to pronounce the alphabets correctly.
  • To be able to write Hiragana alphabets with proper stroke order.
  • To be able to read basic Hiragana vocabularies. The only purpose is to focus on reading, so do not worry about the meanings.


Brief Explanation

Practice test


Download Free PDF

Hiragana chart pdf

To download the Free PDF of Hiragana chart, please click on the Download button.

Hiragana practice sheet pdf
  1. To download the Free PDF of Hiragana Practice book, please click on the Download button.
  2. This e-book contains stroke order of all the hiragana letters.

Did You know ?

Japan in Japanese is Nihon or Nippon.

Recommended books

For more practice, we recommend the books below. Click on any book to get a detailed review. Also check out some popular dictionaries and Flip cards that can boost your study method.

To summarize

Practice reading and writing Hiragana alphabets as many times as you can until you become Perfect. And then you are ready to shift to Katakana learning.

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