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Feeling difficult to remember the Hiragana letters? Do you feel confused reading similar-looking letters?
Then, you have landed into perfect place. We have created this article on Hiragana cheat sheet to help you in both the cases.

Let us learn some tricks to remember the Hiragana letters. 
It is said that ‘A picture is worth a thousand words‘. So, we have designed some unique and short pictures to easily memorize letters.
Without waiting much, let us walk down the Imagination lane. You can also use your maximum creativity to remember these stories.



  1. The first Hiragana letter ‘あ’ looks like an archer on a horse. Isn’t it?
    So, whenever you want to remember ‘‘ letter, imagine anarcher on a horse‘ .
  2. ‘ can be picturized as Ear shape letter. It is like drawing edges of your right ear.
  3.  UFO i.e. alien vehicle representing ‘‘ letter.
  4. Giant Elephant symbolizing ‘‘.
  5. A jolly ostrich holding a stick depicts the letter ‘‘.


  1. Have you tried Karate ever? Or seen Karate in movies? Then, the Karate kick will help you remember the letter ‘‘.
  2. The letter ‘‘ resembles a key.
  3.  The letter ‘‘ can be remembered with a Kung-fu high kick.
  4. The letter ‘‘  resembles a Kettle.
  5. The shape of a  Coconut will help you memorize the letter ‘‘.


  1. Remember that ‘‘ looks similar to Salon scissors.
  2. This is little funny, imagine a beautiful girl and She has long hair. The shape of the hair will help you remember the letter ‘‘.
  3. Do you like reading comics? And I am sure you have heard of Superman. Notice how Superman‘s favourite pose looks similar to the letter ‘‘.
  4. The letter ‘‘ illustrates the security guard showing stop sign with the right hand and allowing the car to proceed with his left hand.
  5. Do you like playing soccer?  Just imagine as someone playing Soccer to remember ‘


  1. ‘ is traced from the two alphabets ‘ta‘ in the word target.
  2. To remember the letter ‘‘ you need some imagination. Think of it as a Chick carrying a stick in its mouth.
  3. Note how ‘‘ resembles the shape of a Tsunami.
  4. ‘ can be formed from the tent‘s structure.
  5. The board with a sign  Tobacco not to use resembles the letter ‘‘.



  1. ‘ letter looks similar to a nun praying.
  2. Have you tried putting the thread in the small slot of a needle? The letter’‘ can be illustrated as a needle and thread.
  3. Do you like to eat noodles? The image here depicts noodles and its shape can help you remember the letter ‘‘.
  4. The letter ‘‘ can be formed from the picture illustrating net and a fly.
  5. Notice how you can carve out the letter ‘‘ from a no entry board.




  1. Do you remember how we traced out ‘た’ letter from the word ‘target’? Similarly, ‘‘ letter can be traced out from the two letters ‘Ha‘ of the word Hard.
  2. The letter ‘‘ is the one which will make you laugh ‘hehe‘.
  3. Remember a full chicken served hot? The letter ‘‘ can be formed from the same.
  4. The letter ‘‘ looks like the top part of a bike helmet.
  5. You can imagine someone holding a bag to remember the letter ‘‘.


  1. Notice how muscular shape of abs  can be used to remember the letter ‘‘.
  2. Remember 4 million can be used to trace the letter ‘‘.’‘ looks like the number 4.
  3. Think of cow crying moo to remember the letter ‘‘.
  4. In Japanese me means eyes. So this logic mostly becomes easy to remember the shape of the letter ‘‘which looks like an eye.
  5. A monster with four hands will help you remember ‘‘.



  1. The letter ‘‘ looks like a yacht.
  2. While taking a U-turn  notice how the trace of the vehicle resembles the letter ‘
  3. The letter ‘‘ looks exactly similar to someone playing with a Yoyo.



  1.  ‘‘ letter looks like a rabbit
  2. Have you used ribbons for decorating something? The letter ‘‘ looks like hanging part of the ribbon. Note that the right stroke is longer than the left.
  3. Notice that ‘‘ can be remembered by tracing world-famous easter island ruins.
  4. We can remember the letter ‘‘ by imagining a red duck.
  5. To memorize the letter ‘‘ remember row number 3rd. It looks like 3 .




  1. Did you notice that ‘‘ letter also looks kind of similar to the letter ‘れ’? Just think of water bore well. Note that, the letter れ has a stretched tail (similar to a ducktail) on the right side, whereas in ‘わ’ we turn the right-side stroke inwards.
  2. Workout makes everyone healthy. This workout pose as illustrated in  the image is like ‘
  3. To easily remember ‘‘ try pronouncing the English word horn. The letter ‘n’ sounds like n as in horn and it looks like the English alphabet “h” letter.

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To summarize

We are sure this Hiragana cheat sheet accelerated your speed in memorizing Hiragana letters.
Which letter did you think was most intresting among all? 
Create your own unique story for letters and let us know about them in the comments section.

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