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Express Japanese was built to guide people in learning Japanese on their own. Many people struggle to learn Japanese without proper guidance on how to learn Japanese or how to memorize hundreds of kanjis. 

1. We provide self-study lessons at your hand for learning Japanese at your own pace.

2. The only goal of this blog is to make your learning easy by providing lessons rich in its content.

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How to use this Site? How to study?

At present, this site has two main courses:

1. Beginner course 

2. JLPT N5 course

Beginner course will help if you want to start right away with learning the fundamental Japanese scripts.

Already mastered the Japanese script? Step up to JLPT N5 course. N5 guidelines page will assist you in getting started with JLPT N5 course.

How to use this Website?

Courses Sub courses Details
Beginner Hiragana Hiragana is a set of 46 alphabets used for words of Japanese origin. 
Katakana Katakana is also a set of 46 alphabets used for words borrowed from a foreign language.
 JLPT N5 Vocabulary Learn about 800 words required for JLPT N5 
Kanji Learn about 102 kanji’s required for JLPT N5 
Grammar Learn about 55 grammar patterns required for JLPT N5 
Mock Test Here you can take mock tests of JLPT N5 for your self-evaluation.
   Books Here you can find recommended books which can be used to have more practice of reading, writing and listening.

How to study ?

1. AIM: Set the Goal clear and make it your passion to go until the end!

What does ‘Learning Japanese’ means to you? Does it mean watching anime without subtitles? You want to study or find a job in Japan? Is it your dream to be fluent in Japanese?

It can be any reason but set it as your ultimate goal to learn Japanese. Give your best shot until you master Japanese.

2. SELF-STUDY: If you are learning on your own you have special benefits!

1. Set the staircase to progress at your own pace.

2. Have flexibility in what you want to learn.

3. Be your Teacher using the material provided on this site.

4. Utilize most of your time to practice mock tests once you study any section. Because Practice makes a man perfect!

3. VIRTUAL REALITY: Create a virtual Japan around you!

1. Very first thing you can do is, change the language settings to Japanese on your Smartphones or PC.

2. Begin referring to objects in Japanese. For example, imagine you are inside the bus. Do you remember any vocabulary related to the bus? Recall! if you don’t know, Search at least one new vocabulary! Note down in your list! Keep memorizing until you remember! Frequent repetition (maybe in front of the mirror) is the key to enforce your memory!

3. After achieving a decent level, start writing your diary in small and simple sentences.

4. Think to yourself in Japanese!

5. Use the Pomodoro technique to study in small batches!

6. Watch Japanese anime or read Japanese comics if you like any of them. You can also watch Japanese movies.

7. Listen to Japanese radio in your free time! Or you can also listen to Japanese songs on YouTube.

8. Be friends with Kanji don’t be afraid. It will help you to learn  Japanese easily!

9. Try to speak or chat with Japanese friends or with your tutor in Japanese(broken Japanese is also a big step)

10. Be confident and never give up on your Learning Japanese Journey!