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Originally issued in 1989, now reborn and improved: The Basic Kanji Book Vol. 1 – Basic 500 Kanji contains the first 251 kanji on your journey to 500 memorized.

Basic Kanji Book Vol. 1 review

If you want to learn kanji systematically and learn practical use at the same time, you found the right book for you. What does systemically mean here? Pretty simple: Learning techniques that help you remember the right kanji in the right situation.

To improve efficiency, the new edition features a new layout that emphasizes the important parts to remember.

Recommended for you if:

  • You want to start learning kanji.
  • You already learned hiragana and katakana.

About this volume

  • Original Title : (新版) BASIC KANJI BOOK ―基本漢字500― VOL.1
  • Language : Japanese
  • Translation : English
  • Pages : 256
  • ISBN : 9784893588821


The book itself teaches the user kanji in sets of 10 words at a time, teaching first ‘easy’ words that are based on imagery (ex, 人 = person. It teaches you based on the idea that the symbol looks like legs). The good thing is that each chapter and the questions make you feel like you are learning Kanji. That feeling motivates you and makes you want to study more Kanji. Then it moves onto intermediate words that are just commonly used in Japanese. It provides both the onyomi and kunyomi pronunciation of these words. In order to read any of the pronunciations of the kanji in this book, you must be able to read both hiragana and katakana.
Side note, if you’re learning Japanese at all, start learning kanji from the beginning. It is no fun to be intermediate in speaking but has the reading and writing skills of a first-grader.

we suggest this book to everyone who is trying to learn Kanji. 


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